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      Lianyungang is situated at the north of Jiangsu province China. It is the bridgehead of the new Asia-Europe continent bridge. It possesses 40000 mu of the cultivate laver on the sea. There are 80 sets of the first processing machines and 18 sets of the second processing machines. Lianyungang is the main processing base of the cultivate laver in China. Cultivation base¡£

      LIANYUNGANG HENGFU FOODS CO.,LTD is established in 1990. Through the development of these years, it becomes a medium-size industry enterprise which with many branches. They are Lianyungang Hengfu Laver Processing Company, Lianyungang Hengfu Foods Co., Ltd., Lianyungang Zhiyuan Foods Co., ltd., Lianyungang Fuxin Foods Co., Ltd, Lianyungang Fuhai Industry and Trading Co., Ltd.. The company is situated in Lianyungang Lianyun Economic and Technical Development Zone. It has an asset of over 30 millions yuan. All buildings cover an area of 12 thousand square meters It has an annual turnover of over 60 million yuan.

      Since 1990 the company has imported 3 sets of automatic equipment for the first-processing of laver from Japan and 6 sets of equipment for second-processing from Japan and South Korea. The company processes the dried laver more than 40 million pieces and roasted seaweed, season seaweed, a series of products 150 million pieces per year. We have 2000 mu sea area of the cultivating laver, so that we can ensure the supply of the laver materials.

      Our company pass through the quality management system of ISO-9001:2000 and take the certificate. We set up the control system of HACCP entirely. Our product, brand "washuya" seaweed is recommend to evaluate as being at ease foods by Jiangsu consume association. The trademark of Panda brand's design is recommend to be believed as a noted trademark by lianyungang industrial and commercial administration in 2003 and 2004. A series of products of the trademark Panda enjoy prestige home and abroad.The productions of our company are mainly sold to Japan, America, Thailand, Singapore, Hongkong, etc.

      The tenet of the company is: The survival depends on quality and the development depends on efficiency.

      Welcome all friends from home and abroad come to our company.

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      ADD£ºNo.8 XinGuang Road LianYun Economic and Technical Development Zone LianYunGang JiangSu CHINA
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